Dr Saba Al-Obaidy

Saba Al-Obaidy

Saba Al-Obaidy started her PhD project in Paunov Research Group at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Hull in April 2014. She graduated with a PhD degree in April 2018.

PhD supervisors: Prof. Vesselin N. Paunov (Co-PI) and Prof Gillian Greenway (PI)

Research project 1:

Microfluidic Device for Screening Nanocarrier-Formulated Antibiotics

Antibiotics have allowed the successful treatment of a range of infectious diseases. Due to their extensive use a range of bacteria developed multiple resistances to many antibiotics at therapeutically acceptable doses. In this project we have produced biodegradable nanoparticles (NPs) using shellac – natural polymeric material of insect origin which were used to encapsulate antibiotics or antimicrobial agents such as berberine chloride and chlorhexidine digluconate. The nanocarrier is formulated in two steps involving a pH change and adsorption of surface active stabiliser in the presence of the active antimicrobial component. We investigate the effect of the concentrations of the shellac, surface active agent as well as the concentrations of the antimicrobial agents as berberine and chlorhexidine on the size distribution of the produced nano-carrier particles and their zeta potential. We produced stable shellac NPs loaded with antimicrobial agents with a size of about 50 nm. The antimicrobial activity of the nano-formulated antimicrobials is being tested on bacteria, fungi, and algae cells. In the second stage of the project we are planning to upscale the effect of such nano-carrier formulated antimicrobials on several bacterial in a high-throughput manner on a microscreening system.

shellac nanoparticles

Figure 1: TEM image of antimicrobial NPs with encapsulated berberine chloride.