Former supervisees of Prof Paunov

Anupam Das1

Dr Anupam Das

Currently working as R&D scientist at RB-Hull.

Jevan Medlock1

Dr Jevan Medlock

Graduated with PhD in 2019

Saba Al-Obaidy

Dr Saba Al-Obaidy

Graduated with PhD in 2018

Ben Thompson1

Dr Benjamin Thompson

Graduated with PhD in 2017

Ali Al-Orabi

Dr Ali Al-Orabi

Graduated with PhD in 2016

Mohammed Al-Awady

Dr Mohammed Al-Awady

Graduated with PhD in 2016

Emmanuel Ubuo

Dr Emmanuel Ubuo

Graduated with PhD in 2016

zeinab arabeyyat

Zeinab Arabeyyat

Graduated in 2016

Hamza Al-Shehri

Dr Hamza Al-Shehri

Graduated with PhD in 2015

Amro Dyab Dr Amro Dyab


Associate Professor, University of Minia, Egypt

He Liang Dr He Liang


Post-doctoral researcher, University of Leeds

Marius Rutkevicius

Dr Marius Rutkevicius

Graduated with PhD in 2014
Currently Post-doctoral researcher, NCSU (USA)

Baghali Mathapa

Dr Baghali Mathapa

Graduated with PhD in 2013
Currently Lecturer at Botswana Agricultural College

Josef Borovicka Dr Josef Borovicka


Graduated with PhD in 2013
Currently in Product Development, Reckitt Benckiser

Shwan Hamad

Dr Shwan Hamad

Graduated with PhD in 2012
Currently Trainee Teacher, Leeds Trinity University

Rawil Fakhrullin

Dr Rawil Fakhrullin

Associate Professor, Kazan University, Tatarstan, RF

William Small

Dr Will Small

Lead Applications Scientist, Health Care Croda

Andrew Campbell

Dr Andrew Campbell

Process Chemist at Afton Chemical

Hartmut Wege

Dr Hartmut Wege

PDRA Labo de Spéctrométrie Physique, CNRS

Pietro Taylor

Dr Pietro Taylor

PDRA at University of Leeds

Chun Xu

Dr Chun Xu

R&D scientist, Shanghai, PRC

Olivier Cayre

Dr Olivier Cayre

Associate Professor at the University of Leeds

Marie Laure-Brandy

Marie-Laure Brandy

Research engineer at Lactalis

Camille Frangville Dr Camille Frangville


R&D Engineer and Ph.D in Polymer chemistry and innovative materials

Monka Jobard Monika Jobard


R&D Scientist at RB, Hull

Fanny Schnetz1 Fanny Schnetz


Masters student

Lucas Thuillier1 Lucas Thuillier


Masters student

Sevde Celik1 Sevde Celik


Masters student (UCRA)

Anna Folberth Anna Folberth


Masters student (ENSCR)

Laurine Raimond Laurine Raimond


Masters student (ENSCR)

 Perrine Remaud Perrine Remaud


Masters student (ENSCR)

Marie Pelle Marie Pelle


Masters student (ENSCR)

Sebastien Dominici Sebastien Dominici


Masters student (ESCOM)

Patricia Sinnappu Patricia Sinnappu


Masters student (ESCOM)

  Marine Viaud


Application Engineer at Dow Corning

  Loelia Delaunay


Expérience à l’étranger at Prima Deli, New Zeeland

  Jennifer Perrier


BCM Cosmetique

  Caroline Thebaut


PhD Student at Chimie-ParisTech / UPMC / Paris

  Celine Bougaran


Formulation Chemist at Dow Corning

  Adélaïde Fauchet


R&D internship at LafargeHolcim

  Steffie Segelle


Research Engineer Arkema

  Muriel Lecoeuche


Development Engineer at Vivieris

  Anne-Claude Courbaron


R&D engineer at  Getinge-La Calhene