Thermally Responsive Capillary Suspensions

Thermally responsive capillary suspensions

(Anupam Das, Tim Dunstan)

Cell spheroids scheme

High throughput fabrication of cell spheroids by templating water-in-water Pickering emulsions

(Anupam Das, Daniel Geddes and Ben Filby)

Berberine nanocarriers 1

Enhancing the antimicrobial effect of berberine in nanogel carriers with cationic surface functionality

(Mohammed Al-Awady)

Agar-MC gels Ultra Melt-Resistant Hydrogels from Food Grade Carbohydrates

(Benjamin Thompson)

Hydrogel pancake fabrication Structuring and calorie control of bakery products by templating with melt-resistant hydrogel beads

(Benjamin Thompson)

symbiotic living material Fabrication of living soft matter by symbiotic growth of unicellular microorganisms

(Anupam Das, James Bovil and Maram Ayesh)


coated TiO2 nanotoxicity Nanotoxicity of polyelectrolyte-functionalized titania nanoparticles

(Mohammed Al-Awady)

Adsorption of anisotropic particles Wettability of anisotropic and porous particles adsorbed to fluid interfaces

(Hamza Al-Shehri)

emulsions stabilised with cml latex Adsorption of carboxylic modified latex particles at liquid interfaces studied by the gel trapping technique

(Hamza Al-Shehri)

SLIPS Wetting and anti-biofouling properties of gradually impregnated porous coatings

(Emmanuel Ubuo)

Ali magnetic capsules on chip A microfluidic device for the generation and rapid coating of magnetic droplets

(Ali Al-Orabi)

Bioimprints Bioimprinting technology for cell shape recognition

(Jevan Medlock)

Cell recognition1 Bioimprinting of blood cancer cells

(He Liang)

sporopollenin loaded with organic complex Natural biopolymers for novel drug encapsulation systems

(Amro Dyab)

Bioreactor Artificial leaf device for hydrogen generation from immobilised microalgae

(Anupam Das)

shellac nanoparticles Microfluidic device for screening nanocarrier-formulated antibiotics

(Saba Al-Obaidy)

Optical brighteners Microencapsulation of optical brighteners

(Osama Al-Swafy)

SEM microporous cement Novel methods for preparation of hierarchically porous materials

(Ben Thompson)

ZnO crystalites Surface Modified Inorganic Nanoparticles with Antimicrobial Action

(Ahmed Al-Mamoori)

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