zf1 Biological effects of nanomaterials on fish 

(Zeinab Arabeyyat)

salt marbles Salt-hydrogel marbles and hollow-shell microcapsules (Marius Rutkevicius)
hydrogel templating Porous composites fabricated by a hydrogel templating technique (Marius Rutkevicius)
colloid antibodies Photothermal colloid antibodies for shape recognition and killing of microorganisms (Josef Borovicka)
Shellac-cell capsules Triggered release of cells from composite microcapsules (Shwan Hamad)
Yeast-sporopollinen Microencapsulation of viable cells into sporopollenin microcapsules (Shwan Hamad)
biofunctionalised silver mirowires Electrically anisotropic hydrogels with bio-functionalised silver nanowires (William Small)
cell strings by DEP assembly Scaffold free fabrication of linear multicellular assemblies (William Small)
cyclodextrinosomes Self-assembly of cyclodextrins at fluid interfaces: surfactant-free emulsions, cyclodextrinosomes and cyclodextrin-functionalised living cells (Baghali Matahpa)
lignin NPs1 Fabrication of environmentally biodegradable lignin nanoparticles (Camille Frangville)
yeastosomes - anisotropic Building anisotropic cellosomes by templating microcrystals with living cells (Rawil Fakhrullin)
magnetite coated yeast Making cyborg cells: Interfacing living cells with nanoparticles and polymers (Rawil Fakhrullin)
magnetic janus particles Fabrication of magnetic Janus microparticles (Amro Dyab)
microrods stabilised foam Anisotropic micro-rods from food-grade materials (Andrew Campbell)
microrods with inclusions Micro-rods with particle inclusions with for enhanced stability of food foams (Andrew Campbell)
microamoules1 Novel multifunctional micro-ampoules for structuring and encapsulation (Andrew Campbell)
yeast cellosomes schematics Fabrication of spherical cellosomes of living yeast cells (Marie-Laure Brandy)
hydrophobic celluose stabilised emulsions Foams and emulsions stabilised by in-situ formed microparticles from hydrophobic cellulose (Hartmut Wege)
magnetic micro-donut particles Anisotropic magnetically-functionalized lens- and donut-shaped microparticles (Hartmut Wege)
 giant liposomes by mcp Fabrication of monosisperse giant liposomes on solid substrates by microcontact printing (Pietro Taylor)
mcp of DNA surfactants Micro-contact printing of DNA-surfactant arrays on solid substrates (Pietro Taylor)
DNA surfactant on oil-water Adsorption and hybridisation of DNA-surfactants at fluid surfaces and lipid bilayers (Chun Xu)
dipolar microparticles1 Fabrication of Janus microparticles by microcontact printing (Olivier Cayre)
gel core colloidosomes1 Fabrication of colloidosomes with hydrogel cores (Olivier Cayre)
GTT1 Gel Trapping Technique for measuring contact angles of microparticles adsorbed at liquid surfaces (Olivier Cayre)

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